Keep our trains and trams public

Trains and trams, not for sale

Despite publicly stating they didn't have a privatisation agenda, the Marshall state government announced in mid 2019 the privatisation of South Australia's trains and trams.

The PSA, in conjunction with the Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) and the Communications, Electrical, Plumbing Union (CEPU), with the backing of SA Unions, are leading the campaign to stop the sell off of our public transport assets.

Why privatisation of trains and trams is bad for South Australians

Interstate, privatisation of public transport has led to poorer and fewer services and increased prices for passengers. 

Evidence from interstate and overseas shows that when trains and trams are privatised, services are cut, on-time performance is reduced and fares increase dramatically. Safety is also compromised.

Take Action!

Help stop the privatisation of South Australia's trains and trams before fares go up, services are cut and safety is compromised.

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