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Published on
15 Sep 2021

PSA Tells Parliamentary Inquiry That Privatisation Has Failed

Earlier today, PSA Assistant General Secretary Natasha Brown addressed the Legislative Council Select Committee Inquiry into the Privatisation of Public Services in South Australia.

This Committee was established as a result of PSA lobbying and members like you campaigning strongly against the privatisations that have taken place over recent years.

Natasha’s appearance as a witness to the Inquiry was an opportunity to put the PSA’s views about privatisation - and the negative impact it has on the provision of public services to the community - firmly on the public and parliamentary record.

Our clear message to the Select Committee today was that privatisation is a failed ideology.

Last month we lodged our detailed submission – nearly 100 pages outlining the financial and human costs of privatisation, and why public services should always stay in public hands.

Privatisation has diminished public services, put private profits before community services, increased the costs of services, stripped the state of vital assets and revenue streams, and hollowed out the state’s capacity to provide the physical and social infrastructure our community needs and rightly expects.

Today we made it clear to the Parliament that our public services do not exist for big business to make obscene profits at the expense of our community.

We have urged the Select Committee to heed our message and make recommendations that ensure public services are managed by our government, in the best interests of all South Australians.

As a PSA member, we ask that you keep spreading the word about why public services should stay in public hands, share our posts on Facebook, and take part in future campaign actions.


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