SSOs Moving Up

The PSA's Moving Up campaign has been launched to assist the hundreds of under-classified School Services Officers working in South Australian schools.

In 2019 the PSA reached an agreement with the Department for Education on SSO1 reclassification.


The agreement requires that all SSO1s who are permanent and who have been in their role for more than 12 months, or who are temporary and have been in their role for more than two years, have their roles reviewed to determine if they should be reclassified to SSO2.

While some schools have actioned the review and reclassified eligible SSO1s to SSO2, there are still hundreds of hard-working SSOs stuck at SSO1 and effectively being underpaid for the work they do.


The PSA SSO1 Moving Up survey has shown many school principals are not reviewing SSO1 classifications as instructed by the Department.

Where principals have carried out the process, many haven't done it properly.

By acting together we can have your classification reviewed.

SSOs who would like PSA support should choose one of the options below and submit the form.

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