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The Public Sector Review is the magazine of the Public Service Association of SA. 

The Review is published and distributed to members four times a year.

Printed copies of the magazine are only available to members. A selection of articles from each issue is published here.

PSA members who would like to receive the Public Sector Review online rather than by post can opt-in at this link.

PSA Review - May 2024

PSA Review - December 2023

PSA Review - August 2023

PSA Review - April 2023

PSA Review - December 2022

PSA Review - February 2022

PSA Review - November 2021

PSA Review - February 2021

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COVID-19: the need for vigilance

Standing firm is achieving members' objectives

Will Serco escape the consequences of its first blunder?

PSA Review - October 2020

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Solidarity at the fire front 

It's time for SSO1s to move up 

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PSA Worksite Representatives Forum 

PSA continues to stand firm on salaried agreement

PSA Review - June 2020

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Keeping members informed in challenging times

Enterprise Agreements: critical in your working life 

We won! PSA and allies save SA Pathology from privatisation 

PSA Review - December 2019

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Enterprise Bargaining: your chance to have a say 

PSA win for members in SA Pathology

Workplace Representative Profile: Derek Francis 

RRR process makes forces redundancies unnecessary 

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