Proudly Serving You

Every day, PSA members and their colleagues across the public sector deliver services all South Aust ...

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Every Child Deserves a Home

The PSA is campaigning strongly to encourage the new state governemnt to fix the crisis in Child Pro ...

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PSA Young Members Network

 The PSA Young Members Network is open to all PSA members age 35 and younger!Why join the PSA Y ...

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PSA Women

A woman's place is in her unionWomen have always had an important role in the union movement, or ...

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Library Lovers Day

14 February 2024 is Library Lovers' DayLibrary Lovers' Day celebrates and appreciates the im ...

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SA Not for Sale

Successive governments in South Australia have privatised a large number of public services over man ...

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SSOs Moving Up

The PSA's Moving Up campaign has been launched to assist the hundreds of under-classified S ...

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Save SA Services

Launched in September 2020 and led by SA Unions, the Public Service Association and the Australian N ...

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EB 2020 Enterprise Bargaining

After standing firm for two years to resist state government's conditions-stripping enterprise b ...

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With PSA membership you know you're protected at work and have access to a huge range of member benefits. We strive for a South Australian public sector in which staff are highly valued and well resourced, with fair and secure working conditions.


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