SA Not for Sale

SA Not for Sale

Successive governments in South Australia have privatised a large number of public services over many years. 

This started with selling off our electricity, public transport, our forestry industry, the Motor Accident Commission, our highly regarded Lands Titles Office and the sale of the Adelaide Remand Centre to notorious multinational Serco. Our trains and trams have also been sold off to a conglomerate of multinational corporations.

SA Pathology was also under threat of privatisation until a broad union and community campaign prevented it.

Currently, public road and signal maintenance, Across Government Facilities and Maintenance Arrangements, BreastScreen SA, and the Youth Justice Community Service Order Program are all facing the threat of privatisation.

SUPPORT our petition against the privatisation of Road and Signal Maintenance.


Alongside privatisation there has also been a direct and sustained attack on public services through budget cuts, leaving diminished public services and putting enormous pressure on the workers delivering them.

We urgently need to demand quality public services and stop privatisation.

Find out more and take action on our SA Not for Sale website.


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