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Published on
22 Mar 2022

Change of PSA leadership

PSA General Secretary Nev Kitchin is retiring from his role as General Secretary of the PSA on Wednesday 23 March 2022.

Nev has determined that now is the right time for both him and the PSA to move into their respective new chapters.

Nev Kitchin has spent nearly two decades at the PSA as Assistant Secretary and then Secretary after periods as a Worksite Representative, Branch Councillor, Federal Councillor and Vice-President.

Assistant General Secretary Natasha Brown has been appointed as General Secretary of the PSA by the Council in accordance with the rules of the union.

Nev Kitchin and Natasha Brown have been leading the PSA together since 2015.

Under Nev’s and Natasha’s leadership the PSA has focused on membership engagement; building and supporting a strong and effective Worksite Representative structures; ensuring the PSA remains relevant, influential and sustainable; standing up for a strong public sector; and protecting PSA members’ job security and industrial rights.

Natasha Brown has been Assistant Secretary since 2015, following service as a PSA Worksite Representative, Branch Councillor, Federal Councillor and Vice President.

Natasha brings a fierce commitment to union values, and a vision for a society built on high quality, accessible and equitable public services, where PSA members are well-resourced and respected. As Assistant General Secretary Natasha has led the PSA’s fight against privatisation, and been focused on promoting the importance of our public sector, while advocating strongly for members.

Vice President Christian Hagivasillis has been appointed as the new Assistant General Secretary by the Council.

With our committed and dedicated Council the PSA/CPSU is in a strong position to continue to provide effective leadership and a powerful voice for members well into the future.

The PSA congratulates and thanks Nev Kitchin for his longstanding commitment to union values, and his leadership of and dedication to the PSA and PSA members.

The PSA Council Also passed the following motion of gratitude to Nev for his service:

That PSA Council expresses its sincere appreciation to Nev Kitchin for his dedicated leadership of the PSA and for his long commitment to supporting and representing PSA members.

PSA Council acknowledges the contribution Nev Kitchin has made to ensuring the PSA is in a strong position to continue to represent members and to stand up for a strong public sector. 

Council wishes Nev and his family all the best for the future.

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