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Published on
08 Oct 2021

Mental Health Week 9 – 16 October 2021 | Thank you to all our members working in Mental Health

Mental Health Week is an annual national event that aims to improve community awareness and interest in mental health and wellbeing. World Mental Health Day is marked every year on 10 October.

This year, the Mental Health Coalition of SA (MHCSA) is co-ordinating a series of events for a Mental Health Month during all of October 2021, with a theme of "We all have a role to play".

MHCSA says "Mental Health Month is an opportunity to have conversations with your friends, family and community about mental health. It’s a time to learn about self-care, community
wellbeing, and available support services – so the next time you or a friend needs help
with their mental health, you feel better equipped to do something."

Public Service Association (PSA) members work in various roles in the public sector in infant, child and adolescent, adult, forensic, and older persons mental health across the state. These roles include Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Speech Pathology, Dietetics, Administration, Lived Experience (Consumer Consultants and Carer Consultants), Allied Health Assistants, Community Rehabilitation Workers, Clinical Support Workers, Forensic Court and Victim Services and management.

Our members provide essential services to people living with mental health issues and their families and friends, not just when unwell, but in maintaining all aspects of a healthy life. Their work also includes awareness raising and education around prevention and early intervention.

The PSA thanks our members working in mental health for the critical role they play in our community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All PSA members are encouraged to have a look at the Mental Health Coalition of South Australia (MHCSA) Mental Health Month website – Mental Health Month - Mental Health Coalition of South Australia ( There are various resources on the MHCSA website, as well as information about Mental Health Month events.

50% of Australians are likely to be diagnosed with a mental illness in their lifetime, leaving 50% of us who will know someone living with a mental health issue. In relation to this, for PSA members, maintaining the access to the Mental Health First Aid Training that the PSA proposed and won in our last Enterprise Agreement is an important success in the current negotiations for a new enterprise agreement. A large number of PSA members have now completed the training and have found it incredibly useful both at work and also in the community.

The PSA wishes all our members good mental health.

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