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Published on
08 Dec 2020

PSA members overwhelmingly commit to standing firm on job security

PSA members have overwhelmingly confirmed their collective commitment to maintaining job security in their enterprise agreement.

In a recent round of membership meetings across our entire salaried membership PSA members have overwhelmingly endorsed the following motion:

This meeting confirms our commitment to pursuing our objectives for a new salaried enterprise agreement. 

We reaffirm that our priorities for a new agreement are: 

  •  Job protection
  • Maintaining our effective redeployment systems and processes

  • Protection from, and processes to deal with, unreasonable workloads

  • Maintaining all current conditions of employment

  • A fair and reasonable wage outcome     

We commit to supporting each other and standing together to pursue these priorities. 

We confirm that protecting our job security, retaining our RRR provisions, and protecting our current conditions, are our highest priorities at this time. 

We support the PSA standing firm in EB negotiations in pursuit of achieving our priorities. 

The PSA has reinforced to government that these are our members’ highest priorities in every negotiation meeting during this round of enterprise bargaining.

In negotiations so far we are achieving most of our members’ key objectives.

We congratulate PSA members for holding firm on matters that are important to them. We congratulate members for standing up for an agreement that protects their respect and dignity at work. The PSA commits to continuing to hold firm in negotiations in pursuit of our members’ priorities.

The government’s current position is to remove retraining, redeployment and redundancy (RRR) provisions from your enterprise agreement in order to make it easier to sack people, and to reduce a number of other fundamental conditions – e.g. dispute avoidance and resolution, and consultation.

Negotiations on all other conditions, including a wage outcome, will get underway once our highest priority of maintaining your job security, RRR, is confirmed with the Government.

If we continue to stand firm together we can achieve a respectful agreement. 

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