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Published on
26 Nov 2021

Salaried Agreement: SA Public Sector employees say ‘yes’

SA Public Sector Salaried employees have voted ‘yes’ to the proposed new enterprise agreement.

The return rate was as follows:

  • Total number of eligible voters: 40,081
  • Total number of votes received: 13,696    

  • Yes votes: 11,545 (84%)

  • No votes: 2,151 (16%)

The result is a win for all PSA members after standing firm for a prolonged period of time to ensure that our job security is protected and all conditions are maintained.

Along with maintaining your job security and the existing conditions of employment, the three year agreement includes 4 pay rises of 1.5% (August 2021, August 2022, August 2023 and August 2024), including back-pay to the first full pay period in August 2021.

There is also a $1000 one-off payment (pro-rata for part-time employees) for all employees employed at the date of approval of the agreement in the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET).

For a full breakdown of what is included in the agreement, please see our previous Information Update here.

The next step in the process will be obtaining approval for the new agreement in the SAET. Upon approval in the SAET, the agreement will come into force and the $1000 payment, pay increase and the back pay will begin to be processed by your employer.

Congratulations to all PSA members on securing your conditions in what has been an unnecessarily hostile negotiating environment.

The PSA will provide further updates as the approval process continues.

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