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Published on
08 Feb 2022

Salaried Enterprise Bargaining – Back-pay

In 2021 the PSA successfully finalised on behalf of members a new enterprise agreement which included four wage increases over three years, back-pay to August 2021and a $1000 one-off payment.

These wage increases were negotiated in addition to protecting your job security, maintaining all existing conditions of employment, and achieving some modest improvements.

Most members will have received the one-off payment as well as the increased wage rates following approval of the Enterprise Agreement on 9 December 2021.

The PSA has received a number of enquiries from members about when the back pay will be processed.

Following representations from the PSA to government, we have now been advised that back pay to the first full pay period in August 2021 will be paid no later than the final pay period in February 2022. We understand that there will be various pay dates for different groups of Salaried employees depending on your pay cycle.

Member are encouraged to contact your payroll office should you not have received your back pay by the last pay period in February.

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