EB 2020

Enterprise Bargaining

The current enterprise agreement (salaried) between the PSA and the state government expired on January 20, 2020.

The PSA is currently in negotiations with the state government for a new agreement to replace the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement (Salaried) 2018 (SAMPSEAS).

Latest News

PSA members overwhelmingly to standing firm on job security (08-12-20)

PSA again rejects government proposal to sack you easily (09-07-20)

Government Tables More Proposals - PSA Defends Members’ Rights (19-06-20)

Members’ Proposed Improvements Tabled Today (27-05-20)

PSA Negotiating Position - Salaried Enterprise Bargaining (21-05-20)

Enterprise Bargaining - Government Still Wants to Remove Your Rights (08-05-20)

Worksite Representatives endorse EB themes (20-02-20)

PSA Council position on government EB agenda (22-01-20)

Government Agenda: Consult with you less, sack you more easily (15-01-20)

First single bargaining meeting with government held today (17-12-19)

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